Thursday, 28 February 2013

this is not gonna be just a baking blog...

i've decided to make this blog more than just baking i want it to be any thing i feel like so if you see any random posts soon its because of this.

so hows life? its one of the things i say often quite loudly and have people look at me strangly, im just naturly a LOUD person and I'm also definetly a klutz in the kichen. A few weeks ago i was making sponge cake (oh man i still have to post that don't i) oh well, any way and i spilled half the bottle of vanilla extract into a big bowl of batter let's just say it wasn't exactly a good cake...

I think I failed my science exam, ihope i didnt fail my science exam,oh well i think i failed my science exam (sigh) you know i wish i could do this blog as a video cause than my words would come out better, but it's supposedly "a breach of your privacy"

oh well anyway see you later

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